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A beginner’s guide to creating Facebook ads

No one can deny that social media has become a powerful online marketing tool. It’s cheaper, more effective, and a lot cooler. It is especially advantageous to small businesses that don’t have budgets for print or TV ads. Interested in creating a social media ad of your own? Read on. Why advertise on Facebook? Above

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What are the risks of BYOD?

The bring your own device (BYOD) strategy lets employees use their personal mobile devices to do work for your company from anywhere. This strategy increases efficiency and convenience to your business, but it also brings a number of security risks to your IT infrastructure and data. If you’re thinking of incorporating BYOD in your office,

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5 ways to make tech trends work for you

What tech fads has your SMB recently written off as silly and not worth your time? 3D printing, internet of things…Pokémon GO? Juvenile as they may seem at first, these trends helped to make a lot of businesses a lot of money. Navigating the quickly rising and falling auspices of the tech world may seem

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So what’s new in SEO and social media?

When it comes to technology news, breakthroughs, innovations, and what-to-do’s, we’ve always got our eyes peeled for the latest and greatest. Paying close attention to what’s trending is critical not only to our success, but to that of our clients as well, which is why we’re taking a look at 5 popular SEO and Social

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Client Spotlight: Laura Liss and Employee Overtime Rules Changes

This month’s client spotlight features Laura Liss of Patzik, Frank & Samotny Ltd. PFS has been a client of AZBS for 11 years. PFS celebrated its 25th anniversary earlier this year. PFS began as a corporate and securities boutique law firm and has expanded its practice areas, which include employment law, estate planning, healthcare, intellectual

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Criminal Cyber Activity, and How AZBS can Help to Protect You

You’ve probably noticed the steady increase in the number of data breaches and cyber-attacks reported in the news recently. Not only has there been an increase in the type of attacks that make the news, but there has also been a drastic increase in the number of attacks on small businesses.The cloud is a very

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The importance of QoS in VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has become many small- to medium-sized businesses’ top communication system of choice. While there are many vendors that offer different VoIP packages with their respective features, you should look into their Quality of Service (QoS) to know which one could meet your company’s needs. Here’s a quick overview of what

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Office 365 Connectors explained

Within Office 365 Groups, there’s a feature called Connectors. It allows you to link to popular third-party services without ever having to leave Outlook. This means relevant content and updates that you want are sent immediately to your group feed, making workflow more seamless. Let’s take a look at what Office 365 Connectors can do

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3 Ways to browse the net safely at work

Amidst the current climate of malware, hacks, and phishing scams, companies must take precautions when accessing the internet. Without safeguards, browsers that you or your employees use are vulnerable to cyberattacks that may cripple productivity and profit. Here are steps that your company should take to browse the net safely. Prevent browser tracking If you

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Top 5 business continuity errors

Business continuity plans are designed to protect an organization's critical data in case of a crisis, but employees are also a part of that equation. If you want a strong business continuity plan, it’s imperative you avoid the following mistakes. Mistake #1: Failing to plan for employees Companies that survive unexpected incidents are the ones

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