Small businesses often fail to ensure adequate cybersecurity because they aren’t yet believers in the very real possibility of a devastating cyberattack. Lack of preparation for a breach by cybercriminals, unfortunately, means the demise of a small business most of the time. With an IT security assessment, small business owners can get an accurate picture of the effectiveness of their cybersecurity measures and preparedness for being targeted by hackers. With an IT security assessment, actions can be taken that sufficiently tighten cybersecurity and prevent an IT disaster.

What Would an SMB Do to Recover Lost Data?


A company’s data is vital information, as proven by the results of a business survey showing that 55% of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) would pay cybercriminals in response to a ransomware attack. Among mid-sized organizations with up to 250 employees, that statistic increases to 74%. Another 39% confessed that regaining access to lost data is something they would pay nearly any price for. Waiting to pay for data following a ransomware attack is a dismal strategy because data is rarely, if ever, fully recovered even when paying a ransom. Obviously, getting an IT security assessment before disaster occurs is a better approach that is far more affordable.

How Susceptible are Small Businesses to Cyberattacks?


Only about 52% of SMBs have a crystal clear EDR cybersecurity strategy, and lack of planning is how ransomware and other cyberattacks succeed. Serious gaps in cybersecurity occur for a number of other reasons, as well. A major threat is the increasing use of BYOD, in which employees do company business using their own devices. Although BYOD increases productivity and seemingly helps a company save money, the practice makes organizations more vulnerable to cybercrime than ever. Endpoint security is needed in the age of the Internet of things (IoT). This issue could be just one of many IT vulnerabilities.


Most SMBs are aware that their cybersecurity strategy is sadly lacking. A great starting place for turning that precarious situation around is to schedule an IT Security Assessment with a managed service provider (MSP).

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