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As you know, we've worked with you for over fifteen years. During that time, our company has needed to stay on top of the latest technology. AZBS has guided us through that challenge offering excellent advice, while at the same time being conscious of cost restraints. Your technology plan has been "the bible" for us over the years.

We were looking for a new accounting package that was to be the basis of an integrated information system. You guided us through that decision, carefully taking into consideration everyone's needs. We've been very pleased with the success of that project. Your team was very helpful in setting up our telephone system so that our DC and Chicago offices act as one office location. And of course, there are the everyday things too. Your team is always there to help us with our computer hardware and software problems.

It's been a pleasure working with AZBS and I look forward to many more years of the same.

Greg L. Administrative Director & Principal Marketing Communications Company

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Network Security

Protect your business with web content filtering

AZBS offers you valuable content filters to control which sites and content are accessible to your employees. We can also help you set up an automatic filtering system that uses IT intelligence to detect and block certain types of sites and content, so you don’t have to worry. Not only that, but we can set this up for you on one of your company workstations without using software filters that take up space and potentially slow down employee computers.

If you want to keep inappropriate websites at bay or limit recreational use during office hours, in a safe, secure and efficient way then AZBS Web Content Filtering can help.

Big Business Firewall Solutions with a Small Business Price Tag

Block unauthorized access to your company computers and network. Protect against malware, including viruses, Trojans and hackers. Keep your data private and secure. A firewall is an essential piece of your business’s defense against technical threats. You need a hardware security solution that does not rely solely on end-users choosing security settings, but offers stronger, more resilient, and durable protection. AZBS can manage firewall protection for you and ensure that extra security does not slow down your IT infrastructure. This will allow you to have peace of mind knowing that you and your employees do not have to make continuous software access request decisions.

What Protection Can AZBS Offer?
  • Anti-malware (virus, Trojans, phishing, worms etc.)

  • Data backup, recovery and data loss recovery

  • Email encryption

  • Firewall protection

  • Intrusion detection systems / intrusion prevention systems

  • Mobile device management (including BYOD and remote access)

  • Penetration testing

  • Spam protection

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