In so many ways, small, mid-sized (SMB), and large businesses have a lot in common, as long as you exclude available resources on-hand. A big difference in the past that put large companies at a distinct advantage was the size of their IT staff. Managed service providers (MSPs) have leveled that playing field, to the distinct advantage of small businesses. The following are four ways that the managed services provided by MSPs greatly benefit small businesses.


1) Free to Focus on Core Business Activities

It’s difficult for a small business to be able to afford an IT staff that can sufficiently provide daily services as well as adequate security. When managed services include IT security, small business owners can carry on with the work they do best. Occurrences of unplanned downtime are greatly minimized.

2) Managed Service Providers Offer Greater Financial Predictability

The break-fix approach to maintaining IT infrastructure is far more expensive than hiring an MSP for managed services. The break-fix strategy also opens a company up to experiencing greater harm as a result of IT problems. Instead of taking unexpected financial hits, small businesses pay for MSP costs, which are charged monthly and include proactive, preventive IT maintenance.

3) MSPs Help Establish a Technology Strategy

There’s really no way to develop and implement an IT plan when using a break-fix approach to IT maintenance and repair. MSPs work with companies to identify and meet IT needs, providing value-added insights small business owners aren’t typically privy to.

4) Professional IT Staff

With managed services, small businesses have a dedicated team of IT professionals handling their IT infrastructure. This can help small businesses better compete with other businesses of all sizes.


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