Although it has long been known that business strategies are essential, many don’t realize that the most important element of technology is that a strategic technology plan is needed to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of Internet security, data storage, and IT infrastructure. The following are some questions to ask when formulating an IT strategy.

What is a Strategic Technology Plan?

In short, an IT strategy is a business outline with goals and the guidelines for achieving them. A strategic technology plan takes into account IT techniques and tools that are needed, and an IT budget must be allocated. In addition, methods for addressing the following IT issues must be determined:

  • Infrastructure
  • Sourcing
  • Integration
  • Applications 
  • Services
  • Innovation

The strategy should be specific and yet it must remain flexible enough to make room for advantageous changes not yet considered.

IT Strategy Questions

A tricky part of a strategic technology plan is that it must be compatible with other departments and their strategies. The following questions provide a guideline: 

  • Are current business demands supported by IT? Is the IT strategy sufficiently flexible and scalable to support future needs of the business?
  • Does IT add value to your business, and how would you measure that value?
  • Are the right investments being made in IT?
  • Is your IT cost-effective, properly managed, secure, well-maintained, and does it provide clients with support?

As you develop your strategic technology plan, the final question above may direct you to a new solution for your IT department. Outsourcing all or part of IT infrastructure and services to a managed service provider (MSP) may make the most financial sense and provide the best course for bringing the strategic technology plan to fruition.


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