Data volume continues to increase exponentially in every sector, which increases vulnerability to hackers. There is a critical need for data loss prevention strategies such as data backup, and worldwide WannaCry ransomware attacks on businesses are among the many reasons. For every organization, data security and privacy are vital. To protect the confidentiality of sensitive data, data loss prevention is a necessity.

4 Reasons Data Backup is Essential

A common misconception is that data loss occurs mainly from malicious attackers. External breaches still account for over 50% of all data breaches, but internal breaches are also increasing and account for nearly half of all data loss reported by businesses.

The following are the top four reasons data backup rescues businesses from unrecoverable data loss every day.


1) Data Corruption Caused by Malware

Corruption of software and important data is often caused by malware. Like a continuous cycle of online tsunamis, cyber-attacks come against businesses through the Internet on a daily basis. Networks, databases, software, and more can be corrupted and data can be stolen and lost forever unless you have a data backup system in place.

2) Human Errors

Employees should be trained and educated about cybersecurity and the importance of protecting important data such as customers’ names and social security numbers. Even with ongoing training, human errors occur that result in data loss.

3) Hardware Malfunction

Data backup is also important because hardware malfunctions, which are not uncommon, frequently result in data loss. Examples of the most common types of hardware malfunction include failure of a computer motherboard, power outages, and short-circuits.

4) Natural Disasters

Fires, floods, system or disk failures, and unintentional deletion are all examples of “natural disasters” that can strike a business at any time, resulting in data loss.

Any effective data loss prevention plan will include data backup. With a system in place that routinely maintains data backup, a business can recover from a disaster that would have otherwise been an unrecoverable loss.


Data Loss Prevention

Data privacy and security is an integral part of any organization and it is crucial that industries must adopt data loss prevention strategies to protect their confidential data. Get complete visibility and control over your information, wherever it lives, and prevent insiders from exfiltrating sensitive data such as sensitive customer data and financial records.

Data Loss Prevention offers numerous benefits, such as checking which databases hold sensitive information, informing organizations when someone is sending source code via email, allowing sectors to enforce a policy by blocking network transmissions, and ensuring that data is not left on file systems.

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