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As you know, we've worked with you for over fifteen years. During that time, our company has needed to stay on top of the latest technology. AZBS has guided us through that challenge offering excellent advice, while at the same time being conscious of cost restraints. Your technology plan has been "the bible" for us over the years.

We were looking for a new accounting package that was to be the basis of an integrated information system. You guided us through that decision, carefully taking into consideration everyone's needs. We've been very pleased with the success of that project. Your team was very helpful in setting up our telephone system so that our DC and Chicago offices act as one office location. And of course, there are the everyday things too. Your team is always there to help us with our computer hardware and software problems.

It's been a pleasure working with AZBS and I look forward to many more years of the same.

Greg L. Administrative Director & Principal Marketing Communications Company

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Private cloud hosting is offered via private servers managed by AZBS rather than from the big-box options where your options can be limited by the big-box framework. Only you have access to these critical systems and the data they contain. You will hear other terms in relation to cloud hosting, including:

  1. Cloud computing
  2. Cloud storage
  3. Cloud services
  4. Internal cloud
  5. Corporate cloud
  6. Internal cloud

Your company benefits from our private cloud hosting service in a variety of ways. We can customize a cloud computing solution based on your unique needs. Much like a public cloud, they are fully scalable, but you also have complete control over cloud customization and control.

Understanding private cloud hosting

Private cloud computing is also more private and secure. Your data is fully protected from third-party providers by a full spectrum of electronic security tools. Let explore cloud computing security in more detail.

Cyber security solutions built upon your cloud computing infrastructure

Every business is vulnerable to cyber-attack. This is especially true for small business because they are the number-one target of cyber criminals. Your cloud computing infrastructure must be protected against cyber-attack. Our cloud services experts can craft a security solution specific to your needs while you focus on your bottom line.

Your approach to cyber security must be comprehensive, so we key in on three key attributes to determine the best solution for your cloud services.

  • Prevention

  • Monitoring

  • Architectures

Most cyber-attacks are avoidable and human error is often what leads to a security breach.

Prevention seeks to minimize the security risk to your cloud services through a variety of means. Some are easy, like developing protocols for handling sensitive equipment like laptops and handheld devices. Others require the implementation of tools that detect internal threats or human error in real-time. Education is another key cyber security component that should never be overlooked.

Monitoring is all about identifying threats to your cloud computing infrastructure. Your cyber security solution will include comprehensive reporting so that you’re covered for whatever unscrupulous tactics criminals are most likely to use against you. If a cyber-criminal attacks any of your cloud service, you will be alerted immediately. This can make the difference between a minor setback and major catastrophe.

There are numerous cyber security architectures that can be used to protect your cloud services. Most everyone is familiar with firewalls, which are a vital form of security architecture. There are many other digital software and hardware-based architectures that we can implement to protect your business from cyber theft. As new threats emerge, you will always be prepared.

Understanding Cloud Infrastructure

In its most simple terms, cloud infrastructure is the hardware and software needed to access the cloud. In other words, cloud infrastructure makes cloud computing possible. Creating a cloud infrastructure solution for your company requires a detailed understanding of your needs. Countless applications can then be implemented including Internet, wide area networks, and telecom services.


Cloud infrastructure can be broken down into various components, all of which work together to make cloud service possible.

  • Cloud computing provides the power that makes all cloud services possible. Racks of computer servers tied together with virtualization software distribute power wherever it is needed. We customize cloud computing solutions based on the amount of power you require. These solutions are scalable so your always ready to grow and expand.

  • Cloud storage is comprised of hard drives and/or flash storage that contains your data. Cloud storage systems are equipped with software that allows you to enjoy high performance connectivity.

  • Networking refers to moving data between your computing resources. Networking allows your employees communicate with each other and with customers living in the outside world.

Our cloud services experts also offer these essential hosted cloud infrastructure services:

  • Application and Remote Desktop Service Hosting (IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service)

  • Virtual server and computing hosting

  • Secure encrypted offsite backup storage

  • Firewall and UTM management with traffic log storage, reporting and analysis (SaaS: Security as a Service)

  • Secure file hosting providing remote access to documents with sharing and versioning capabilities (SaaS: Storage as a Service – PaaS: Platform as a Service)

  • Services hosted in a state of the art, secure data center with high uptime

Your choice of software is what makes your cloud infrastructure work seamlessly. If you would like more detailed information about cloud infrastructure and how it related to cloud computing, cloud storage, and networking, simply give us a call at 312-474-9400 today.

Remote desktop services

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) allows users to run any operating system and run any application from a remote location and on any device. This serves a number of useful purposes, including the ability to allow remote users to gain access to data for collaboration.

The biggest advantage to using remote desktop service is increased productivity. Users have access to work during non-working hours and always have the information they seek at their fingertips. Increased productivity should always be the primary focus of your IT, and RDS certainly accomplishes this goal.


Remote workers can also maintain connected with one another, which can be highly beneficial for many companies. It’s vital that IT bridge the gap between technology and business, and what better way to do so than with a tool empowers employees to access their company’s network anytime and anywhere.

Remote desktop services allow a user to begin a work session on one device and then complete it on another device without any hassle or interruption. Users also connect to the same server. As long as every user has access to the latest version, updates are entirely unnecessary. This saves money, reduces the possibility for errors, and increases productivity. You can also add new users with ease.

RDS is also highly beneficial if your physical place of business office has to close. An emergency or natural disaster would be examples of closures that often costs businesses a lot of money. However, RDS allows employees to access the server as long as it’s housed in a separate location.

RDS also addresses security issues because it doesn’t require data storage at the local level. Users are unable to install unauthorized software, further enhancing data protection. Laptops no longer need encryption, which can also save you a lot of money.

Our cloud computing experts can help you determine whether RDS is right for you, so contact us today for further details.

SharePoint Explained

SharePoint is a powerful tool that lets you do just about anything business related. It includes a multitude of applications that make data more useful, thus increasing productivity. SharePoint is very popular with many businesses who want the best cloud computing tools.

Businesses use SharePoint to create landing pages and websites. It’s capable of integrating with other varieties of software. You can use SharePoint to store, share, and organize information and then access it from any device and on almost any browser. It’s also used as a calendar and to store important documents like contracts and best practices.

SharePoint is popular with large and small businesses. Learn how you can empower your employees to maximize their productivity by incorporating this powerful IT tool into their cloud services arsenal.

Customized cloud computing solutions that meet your company’s IT demands

Our goal is help your company compete in today’s global market by customizing an IT solution costing far less than an in-house IT support team. Bridging the gap between technology and business doesn’t have to complicated. With flexible network services and expert IT counseling from our team of industry professionals, you are free to focus on your business and your bottom line.

Protecting your data is paramount, which is why we make security our number-one priority. We take full advantage of the most modern security solutions to fully secure your information is protected 24/7. Powerful cloud services further enhance your security while maximizing internal productivity.

Technology is also supposed to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime. Time is your most valuable business commodity, so we use a host of tools to ensure you’re up and running in next to no time. When problems arise, we are there to address them.

You invest a lot of money in your IT, so it makes sense to get the most from it. By customizing your cloud services, we seek to improve workflow and increase internal and external connectivity. We have many tools at our disposal and will help ensure that you get the most from them. One of the biggest advantages of a customized cloud computing solution is that you don’t pay for hardware or features you don’t really need.

Contact us today for more information about cloud computing, cloud storage, and cloud services. Call 312-474-9400 today to schedule a free assessment and find out how technology can help your business succeed.


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