Facebook announces News Feed change

Facebook recently announced a big change to its News Feed. In response to the backlashes it has been receiving -- mostly due to allegations of how social media causes depression and affects one’s political views -- it has decided to limit posts from businesses and share more posts from your friends on the News Feed. Potential outcome for Facebook

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2018: The year of social media

With the tug-of-war between mammoth social media platforms for daily users, 2018 is poised to become the biggest year for technological advancements in the industry. As social norms related to social media change, here are the top 5 trends we expect to become mainstream this year. The boom of Augmented Reality The launch of the

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Facebook Messenger: The Key to Growth

With over 1.3 billion monthly active users, Facebook’s Messenger app is an unprecedented success. Facebook is now looking to fully utilize the potential of this monster user base and has therefore added a feature for improving connectivity between local businesses and consumers. Read on to learn how this feature could benefit you! The How By

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The ultimate guide to manage Google reviews

Strategies for attracting new customers are always changing, and Google is shaking things up yet again. Apart from well-placed keywords and link-worthy content, reviews from sites like Facebook and Yelp will be displayed in the search results. How Google changed search results Google’s new search algorithm is designed to lead people to high-quality products and

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How do I kickstart my Facebook ad?

Facebook’s not only for posting cat photos, complaining about restaurants, or stalking your ex, it’s also an incredibly effective advertising platform. From small businesses to big corporations, anyone can benefit from Facebook's marketing tools. Read on to leverage Facebook to your advantage. Why advertise on Facebook? Above all else, the cost-effectiveness of Facebook advertising sets

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Protect yourself from this Facebook threat!

Despite the apparent break from international ransomware attacks, hackers are still keeping themselves busy, this time using an adware campaign that could easily be one of their most cunning tricks yet. If you use Facebook Messenger, you need to read this. What is it? Little is known about the adware itself or those behind it,

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Enhance content through social media

When social media is used correctly, marketers can better understand their target audience and thus create better content and deliver it more effectively. This is vital since you'll be able to send customers tailor-made content that helps increase conversion rates and sales revenue. Grow your business with social media with these four steps: Identify what’s

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Your SMB needs these Facebook tools

Facebook is like a Swiss Army knife, practical and featureful. But did you know that Facebook has hundreds of built-in marketing features that 1.8 billion users worldwide are mostly oblivious to? With that in mind, here are four Facebook features you can use to boost your SMB’s social marketing efforts: Audience Insights tool This free

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How to market SMBs with Pinterest

The waitlist for Pinterest’s latest “DIY Promoted Pins” tool is proof of how eager small- and medium-sized businesses are when it comes to social media marketing. Establishing a solid online presence, promoting corporate content, and driving website traffic at the same time is every business owner’s dream come true. Here are some pointers to keep

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How to make your business pop online

In today’s competitive business environment, SMBs are constantly finding new ways to outdo one another. Recently, social media and content marketing strategies have become increasingly popular. But because many of your competitors are utilizing the same platforms as you are, it’s essential for you to find new methods to make your business stand out. These

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