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Importance of Data Backup and Recovery

Data backup and recovery have become almost synonymous with every business and individuals dealing with crucial data. It’s no wonder its importance cannot be understated. Backing up data involves creating archives of your primary data and storing them in separate storage devices from your primary storage. This can either be done locally with physical storage spaces such as hard disks, compact disks, and flash disks or online in the cloud through a web service. Data backup can also be done manually or automated as in the case of cloud backup.

Data recovery, on the other hand, involves restoring data from your archives into your primary storage device or trying to restore such data from your primary devices when they get destroyed or damaged. Backing up your data locally in a physical device, therefore, puts you at more risk of losing such data in the event of calamities or theft. You have a better chance of data recovery when your data is backed up in the cloud by a reputable cloud service. So why is data backup and recovery important for every business?

  1. Protection from data loss – Did you know that by 2020, the value of personalized data will be 1 trillion euros? Yes, almost 8% of the EU’s GDP. It makes sense to have your data archived in multiple copies to minimize the risk of losing it. In any case, no business can run without data especially in this information age. The limiting factor here becomes the storage space. Backing up your data locally means spending substantial amounts of money on storage devices as well as huge workloads, not to mention the risk of forgetting to back up. Online data backup should be your go-to option if you want maximum protection of data from loss. Not only will you be able to access your data anytime from anywhere, it gets backed up autonomously and regularly meaning, at any time, recovery of your data is guaranteed in case of loss.
  2. Security – In as much as the digital revolution has brought with it extensive technologies, it has also come with its share of vices. Cybercrimes and cyber-attacks are at an all-time high, with cybercriminals looking to steal and scrape off your data for profits. Your physical data storage devices are also at risk of getting stolen. Archiving your data in a secure environment inaccessible by criminals guarantees you the security of your data. In a secure environment, data backup and recovery is not an uphill task. In fact, online data backup services have extensive security features to protect your data from unauthorized access. That way, your confidential information, and crucial data are only accessible by authorized people.
  3. Recovery from data corruption – Let’s face it. There’s never a 100% guarantee that your data is always secure, no matter the number of layers of security you have installed. Should a virus or a malware have access to your system and destroy or encrypt your data, your first option would be to use an anti-malware to get rid of the virus. But what if the anti-malware is not able to do so. Your best option would be to restore your data back from a time before the corruption happened. This way, the corrupt data is destroyed and removed from the system and the archived clean data restored. The caveat to this is your data must be backed up almost every minute. And the only way to achieve such meticulous regular data backup is through automated data backup and recovery service such as the one offered by AZBS IT Consulting.
  4. Easy recovery of lost data – As already stated, there’s a plethora of ways your data can get lost: theft, physical calamities, online attacks, human error, computer crashes, and much more. In a situation where your data is not backed up, recovery becomes a hard nut to crack. But when your data is archived especially in the cloud, data recovery becomes a few mouse clicks away.

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