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Why our cloud business data backup is the best

Boston Computing stipulates that at least 30% of Americans have lost all of their data due to uncontrollable events while 90% of businesses that have experienced data loss file for bankruptcy within a year, hence the need for data backup.

There exists a myriad of ways for backing up your data, but cloud business data backup remains the best way to backup data by far. For instance, cloud business data backup gives you flexibility, automation, and helps keep your costs down. Even better is integrating both local and cloud data backup to give you more protection than using either one alone. And here’s why we are the best in McCormick Place..

Business Data Backup McCormick Place

1. Data Security

Data security is one of the most important aspects you should consider when looking for a data backup service. Now, granted, you can have multiple copies of your data stored in separate areas to reduce the risk of theft or physical calamities. But think of the inconveniences this bestows on you. Having to move about to update the data, buying disks, and still, the risk of calamities such as storms or earthquakes still lingers. In other instances, cybercriminals can gain access to your data and use it to extort you. That’s why storing your data backup locally is riskier.

Our cloud business data backup in McCormick Place has extensive technologies that ensure all data is encrypted when uploaded to our servers. These servers are distributed geographically to reduce the chances of losing the data in case of calamities. Your data will be in safe hands.

2. Automation

A good data backup service will remove any worries about your data being backed up. You don’t have to set alarms to back up your data. In fact, you will only need to check your data when you need restoration. This means all iterations of your data are securely stored every time your data changes, and should there be a compromise on your data, you’re guaranteed that your data will be restored. This is the epitome of the best business data backup in McCormick Place.

 3. Easy Restoration

Your business data backup is counterproductive if it makes the restoration of your data a hard nut to crack. Similarly, storing your data backup locally in disks will make the process of restoration a tedious one. Imagine sorting through the data storage devices looking for the chunks that need restoration. That’s why our cloud business data backup in McCormick Place remains the best way to backup data. You get to easily restore your data with a few clicks of a button and voila, you’re back on service. If your data gets corrupted, you can easily go back to a point in time before the data was corrupted and update the clean version.

 4. Saves costs and time

The best business data backup in McCormick Place should be economical. If you deal with small amounts of data like school work or a freelance business, then using local drives may make sense. But as a large business, the cost of buying disk drives, maintaining them, and securing them becomes expensive. Backing up your data online eliminates the need for all these. You outsource these functions to us at a fraction of the cost.

 5. Peace of Mind

And finally, our business data backup in McCormick Place will give you peace of mind. And by knowing all your data is safely backed up and easily retrievable, you can focus your energy on other important aspects. You don’t have to worry about regularly updating your data as these will be done automatically by your vendor. You don’t have to worry about cybersecurity as this will be taken care of. You sign up and set up your data and that’s it.

AZBS IT Consulting

We offer the best business data backup in McCormick Place at an affordable rate. Not only are we endowed with state of the art technology to maximize your data security, but our data development engineers also offer proactive solutions for all your data problems even before you realize them. Give us a try and you won’t regret it.

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