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Characteristics of quality business data backup

Arguably, data has become a crucial asset for every business in Melrose Park. With a current value of trillions of dollars, it’s one of the most lucrative assets to cybercriminals. Cyber attacks and data breaches have, therefore, seen a spike. This has led to the rise and rise of providers of business data backup in Melrose Park, some exceptional, and some unscrupulous.

Business Data Backup Melrose Park

Data backup is now a necessity and every organization looking to back up their data should ensure that they have the best business data backup in Melrose Park. One of the best ways to ensure this is by going through the following checklist.

1. Check their online reviews

While online reviews are not to be trusted fully, they’re the best first place to begin your search. In your research, ensure that the reviews are from reputable sources. One way to do that is by checking to see if the person has actually used their service or works in that organization. You can also check how detailed the review is. A fake review will most likely be a single sentence with poor grammar. You can also watch out for product reviews from reputable IT websites and get a glimpse of good business data backup in Melrose Park.

2. How’s their data backup performance

The best vendors of business data backup in Melrose Park have state of the art technology that ensures everything is working smoothly and seamlessly. You, for instance, shouldn’t have to experience extensive downtime due to a technical problem. The system should be scalable and flexible allowing you to grow with your business. You should be able to use other operating systems in the future should there be a change. You want a business data backup provider that knows their stuff, not an amateur.

3. How fast is their data restoration

Business data backup in Melrose Park is of no use if it can’t restore your data almost instantly in the event of a disaster. You, therefore, have to test their data restoration process to be sure of what you’re getting into. Companies nowadays lose billions of dollars with every second that passes when their data is unreachable. You should avoid that.

4. How’s the security

Make sure that your business data backup vendor of choice has stringent measures to safeguard your data from falling into wrong hands. The backup should be stored such that even physical calamities cannot destroy it. This can be made possible by storing the data in multiple geographical locations to minimize such risk.

5. Cost

Data backup is usually charged on a per-use basis. Most vendors use storage space as the calculating factor. It’s best to have a few choices to choose from then finally settling on the cheapest one. Keep in mind that cheap is expensive and only go for this option if you’re sure all other factors are good. You can also watch out for discounts and offers from reputable vendors and take advantage of those.

6. Ease of use

The system should be easy to use even for less tech-savvy people. You shouldn’t have to hire an IT person to do this. Your vendors should even offer to set it up for you if it proves a hard nut to crack.

7. Customer Support

Another important factor to consider is the customer support. Ideally, you want a vendor that has 24/7 support to answer your queries as well as help you restore your data in the event of a loss. The only way to know this is during their trial period if they have one. Check to see how fast they respond to queries.

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