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How to identify the best provider of business data backup

The business spectrum in Forest Park is slowly moving online. While this comes with immense opportunities, it also means that businesses have to be more careful. With legislations coming up such as the GDPR and the COPPA act, businesses have to protect their consumer data at all costs. This is because they risk receiving huge fines or licenses revoked if they fail to adhere to these guidelines.

Business Data Backup Forest Park

But data collection isn’t gonna stop any time soon. It has become one of the largest assets for businesses in this age. In fact, 90% of businesses that lose their data file for bankruptcy within a year. It therefore means that you should have all your data backed up by the best provider of business data backup in Forest Park. And here are a few tips on how you can find one.

1.  Check online reviews

One of the best ways to start your search for any product is by checking reviews on the internet. Chances are, if the product is of poor quality, you will find disgruntled customers’ reviews and vice versa. Ideally, you want to start with the social media pages of the company as these are likely to have genuine customer comments. However, ensure you check for reviews that seem serious, well detailed, and not biased. If you find that a lot of customers are complaining, it is best to skip that vendor no matter how promising they sound. Because where there is smoke, there’s fire.

2.  Check their performance

The next thing you should check is their data backup performance. The best business data backup in Forest Park has state of the art technology that ensures everything is working smoothly and seamlessly. You, for instance, shouldn’t have to experience extensive downtime due to a technical problem. The system should be scalable and flexible allowing you to grow with your business. You should be able to use other operating systems in future should there be a change. You want a business data backup vendor that knows their stuff a newcomer.

3.  Cost

It is not a given that the higher the cost, the better the quality of business data backup services. You should, therefore, approach cost as a factor with a caveat. While the best business data backup provider in Forest Park is affordable, be wary of unscrupulous vendors out to make a killing rather than help your business.

Keep an eye on dishonest discounts that promise heaven on earth and avoid them completely. The best strategy here is to collect quotes from some of the best vendors, compare their services, what is included in the quote and select one which meets your business needs. Do not settle for a vendor simply because they’re cheaper than the rest.

4. Data security

The security of your data is one of the most important aspects to consider when shopping for online business data backup providers in Forest Park. Make sure that they have stringent measures to safeguard your data from falling into wrong hands. The backup should be stored such that even physical calamities cannot destroy it. This is usually done through geo-duplication of backups where data is stored in multiple different locations to minimize such risks. Apart from your internal firewall and antivirus protection, your data backup and recovery vendor should integrate similar features to lock out malware and cybercriminals.

5.  How easy is their system to use

Ensure that the vendor has an easy-to-use system that even a less tech-savvy person can be able to set up. You shouldn’t have to hire an IT person to do this. In fact, the business data backup vendor team should be able to set it up for you. Once set up, the process should be automated and conducted in the background without consuming your resources.

Why you should consider AZBS IT Consulting

AZBS IT Consulting is a renowned IT solutions company with extensive experience in data management and business data backup in Forest Park. Our data is encrypted for an extra layer against cyber-attacks. With 24/7 customer support, we will guide you through every step of setting up your backup. Our costs are highly affordable for both small businesses and large ones alike. Pick up the phone and get yourself the best deal.

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