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Advantages of online business data backup

Businesses all over the world are transitioning into the online environment. The internet has made this possible with consumers and businesses embracing the convenience it bestows on daily activities. It’s no wonder online business data backup in Evanston has become a most sought after service.Business Data Backup Evanston

Data is increasingly becoming the new gold for businesses. 90% of businesses that have experienced data loss in America have filed for bankruptcy within a year. This goes to show that if not safeguarded, data loss can have insurmountable damage to the economy.

Governments have taken a strong urge to protect personal data from falling on wrong hands. Legislations like the GDPR and the COPPA act have come to protect consumers and outline procedures for collecting personal data for businesses. Any business that breaches this, risks receiving serious fines or license revocation. It therefore makes sense to ensure that your business data is securely backed up to avoid such inconveniences. And here are 5 advantages for hiring business data backup in Evanston.

1.  Convenience and Flexibility

The best online business data backup in Evanston offers flexibility and convenience. If you need to change to a different provider, you should be able to move with your backed up data without any inconveniences. Clearly check your provider’s terms and conditions to avoid being inconvenienced. The costs should also be proportional to the amount of resources you will use. Ideally, you should be charged on a per-use basis rather than a fixed rate to ensure you pay for what you use and can easily scale up or down if you need.

2. Scalability

Without an online business data backup service in Evanston, you’d have to invest in physical storage devices, the IT infrastructure, and the personnel to run the system. Apart from being expensive, these require an overhaul of the system should your business activities change, expand, contract, or move to a different location. The best way to back up is by online business data backup. This way, you will have the ability to scale up or down your business without worrying about your data backup. 

3.  Minimized costs

The best online business data backup in Evanston are affordable. But for small and medium-sized businesses, they don’t have the luxury of investing in large IT infrastructure, not when they can get those services through outsourcing. Ideally, online business data backup services charge depending on how many resources you will utilize. For instance, the more storage space you will need, the higher the cost. But this amount is greatly minimized compared to setting up your own system. You will also have access to unlimited storage.

4. Advanced cybersecurity

You don’t want your backed up data falling into wrong hands. It can be used against you, used to extort money from you, or worse still, lead to jail sentences or government fines. Online business data backup in Evanston have experience in deploying the best cybersecurity features. This is because they’ve been there, seen that, and done that for a plethora of businesses. Their extensive knowledge will set you up for the best security features for your business. This is unlike having your data backed up locally which leaves it vulnerable to theft, damage, or calamities.

5. Ease of restoration

It is not enough to have the best business data backup in Evanston when the process of restoring your data becomes tedious. Online business data backup services have a simplified process of restoring your data should any damage occur. Just by a click of a few buttons, you’ll be back up and running. And when you don’t know how to do that, their great support staff will guide you through every step of the way. Easy-peasy.

Why AZBS IT Consulting is the best

We offer the best business data backup in Evanston for both organizations and individuals at an affordable rate. Our goal is to keep your business running while we handle all your data backup solutions. With data encryption, firewall, and anti-virus systems, your data is guaranteed protection from all ends. Our experienced support staff will guide you through every step of setting up your backup and our costs are highly affordable for both small businesses and large ones alike. Let us handle all your data backup needs so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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