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5 Reasons to Hire Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services Chicago

It is almost a given that every business, regardless of their size, has some form of information technology system, be it a computer, a simple database, or an IT infrastructure. How large or complicated this IT system is dictates the level of commitment it will be accorded.

However, the need for quality managed IT services in Chicago has been on the rise in the recent decade. This is especially so because businesses and consumers have gone online. The convenience this bestows on both parties has catapulted the need for large IT infrastructure that not only caters to business data but consumer data as well.

This has led to the rapid growth of demand for IT experts, something that has seen employing IT specialist become expensive. While large organizations prefer having an in-house IT team to receive personalized IT services, small and medium businesses do not have that luxury, hence the rise and rise of managed IT services in Chicago. And here’s why.

1. Cost-effective

Managed IT services are basically an outsourced IT team that takes over your IT system and manages it for you. What this means is your whole IT infrastructure together with any software and hardware components are managed by a third-party vendor allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

This third party vendor is much cheaper compared to hiring an in-house team, building and managing the IT infrastructure, and maintaining it. This is because these vendors utilize pooling of resources, and by managing a plethora of businesses, they’re able to lower the costs down. Furthermore, their knowledge and expertise in managing IT infrastructure puts them at an added advantage compared to recruiting new employees who may need training and orientation.

2. Access to latest tech

Managed IT services in Chicago allow businesses to enjoy cutting-edge technology at a subsidized cost. Unlike your in-house IT team, you will be able to receive state of the art technology from your vendor since they have more resources geared towards IT. Furthermore, their knowledge in IT allows them to be ahead of the journey, grabbing opportunities as they arise.

This will give your business a competitive advantage putting you one step ahead of your competitors. Furthermore, as technologies change and become sophisticated, the cost of business reduces and you reap long-term benefits. This is in comparison to using outdated systems.

3. Maximum uptime for your network

As you all know, how fast and responsive your IT system is determines how satisfied your customers will be. A system that lags behind or experiences a lot of downtimes may push customers away leading to loss of business. Managed IT services in Chicago have dedicated IT specialist that are always on the lookout for problems even before they arise. This way, they mitigate risks and threats before they happen keeping your business online 24/7.

4. 24/7 IT support

You need to have someone to talk to in case you experience problems. The best managed IT services in Chicago will have support that’s ready to help 24/7. This way, they not only are available to answer all your queries, but they can deal with a problem immediately it happens before the damage gets worse.

Furthermore, a good support system will invest in your business’ propositions and align its services to your business’ needs to ensure both you and your customers are satisfied.

5. Extensive data security

In our digital world today, cyber-security is the new form of terrorism. Cyber-criminals are looking for ways to attack you and your business on a daily basis. What’s more shocking is that 40% of cyber-attacks are usually targeted at small businesses while 60% of small business owners believe they’re not at risk. This puts them at a more disadvantaged position.

Managed IT services in Chicago will offer solutions for your information technology security and thoroughly mitigate attacks before they happen. This is especially so since they have a wealth of knowledge accumulated from serving multiple businesses and years of experience in that sector.

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