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Signs of bad web hosting services in Chicago

Best Web Hosting Services Chicago

Any business in Chicago in need of excelling and scaling up should have a website. With the internet penetration rate at an all-time high, businesses must have an online presence. The best way to ensure this is by establishing websites. However, just having a website is not enough. A good website with 99% availability is needed. This can only be made sure by hiring the best web hosting services in Chicago. Web hosting services are business vendors who offer remote storage for your website allowing it to be available always even when you’re offline. The only way you can identify the best web hosting services in Chicago is if you know the signs of a bad one. And here are a few.

1. Insufficient Support

The support should be available 24/7 to help you in case of emergencies. This includes offering technical support when you encounter a problem. They should also be detailed and always ready to help. Above all, they should be courteous and respectful. What you will notice with bad web hosting services in Chicago is they’re out to make a killing only. They don’t care about your businesses. The time they take to reply to queries will be excess and their responses will be unhelpful. If you notice this, run. The best web hosting services in Chicago have super helpful support staff that will cater for all your queries and needs in time.

2. More downtime than usual

If you’ve already contracted a web host vendor and are experiencing more downtown for your website than usual, then that’s bad news. Downtime is essentially periods when the website is not available online due to technical glitches or maintenance. The best hosting services in Chicago have put measures in place to ensure that this only happens less than 1% of the time. This is because they have IT experts on standby to help resolve any problems that may arise and are ready to help when needed. Subsequently, this means more business for you since customers will have access to your website always and hence a smooth experience.

3. Rigid contracts

Let no one lie to you that once you sign up for their web hosting services you won’t need to change to a different provider. Any contract that has put measures to frustrate you during a transfer is not one worth getting into. This is because they’ll be looking to trap you and even when they deliver poor services, you will have a hard time leaving. This is especially so when they offer cheap premiums and entice customers with massive discounts. Always keep an eye on those contracts to avoid being ripped off. Furthermore, your business could expand any day beyond what your web host vendor can handle. If they can’t necessitate a smooth transition, they do not have your interests at heart.

4. Exaggerated costs

Always keep an eye on the costs. The best web hosting services in Chicago will charge fairly and offer exemplary services. Extremely high costs, even with super quality services, could mean you’re being ripped off. Extremely low prices may indicate hidden agendas and charges. Always ask for a cost breakdown and understand their cost structure before signing up.

5. Cyber-attacks attempts

If websites hosted by a particular vendor have experienced attacks previously, then you should stay away from this vendor especially if these attacks have been rampant. It basically means that security is not a priority. Read online reviews about your prospective vendor and check customer reviews to be certain they take seriously the security of websites. Businesses lose billions of dollars when their sites get hacked and this could lead to their closure. Security is therefore paramount and this is offered by the best web hosting services in Chicago.

 Why AZBS offers the best web hosting services in Chicago 

Apart from extensive data security features, managed IT services, and data backup and management, AZBS is renowned for its exemplary web hosting services. The superior support staff and their quick response time make us a top-notch go-to web hosting provider for all businesses in Chicago. Our state of the art infrastructure ensures that all businesses are catered for with virtually no downtime for websites. You need it, we’ve got it.

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