5 Major Factors to Consider When Looking for Online Backup Services

Let’s face it. Data loss is almost inevitable with our chaotic world, especially when your data is backed up locally. Fire, theft, physical damage are all risks that your data faces with every second that passes. Losing crucial data can lead to massive losses, not to mention the pain of trying to recover the data. While storing your data locally may seem cheap and easier in the short run, there’s no telling when a disaster may strike and render you or your business vulnerable to data loss. But there’s a silver lining. Online backup services.


Online Backup Services


Online backup service is a SaaS product where you can get online storage for your data back up and on a regular automated basis. This data is also accessible from anywhere in the world as long as there’s internet. Furthermore, cloud data backup offers you more functionality than local data backup. For instance, you get enhanced security for your data, your information is easily accessible from anywhere, and you get to restore or download your data from any point in time. To that end, finding the best online backup service should be a crucial task for safeguarding your data. And there are 5 major factors to check for when looking for the best online backup services.

1. Security
Security comes at the top. As you all know, anything that goes into the internet instantly becomes accessible to the public. The best online backup services should ensure that your data is encrypted and secured to avoid falling in the wrong hands. For instance, cybercriminals can scrape off your data from the cloud service if it’s not well secured. You also want an online backup that is immune to malware and virus infection. If anything, your data should only be accessible by you and only you because the premise of backing up your data is to restore it should anything happen to your primary data.

2. Base storage
Depending on your needs, you should check on the amount of storage for all online backup services and see what suits your need. If you’re only looking to backup personal files and folders, then you really don’t need a ton of storage. But if you’re a growing business, then it’s important to try and ensure your base storage is unlimited since you don’t want to keep on changing vendors or changing your subscription. It also helps to keep your costs low if you know the optimal amount of storage for your needs. Storage is one of the main factors when determining the price of online backup services.

3. Cost
The pricing of online backup services is largely dependent on storage and extra features offered such as the level of tiers of backup, extra security, and scalability. Ideally, you should identify the amount of storage you need that is not too much or too little for your needs to maximize your ROI. Also, most online backup services bill either monthly or yearly and their prices vary from vendor to vendor. Shop around for the cheapest but the best backup services to avoid being knocked off.

4. Versatility
As with anything, businesses are not static. They do not exist in a vacuum and it’s highly likely that their scope may widen or diminish. It is very important when looking for the best online backup services to check that they’re versatile, scalable, and flexible. You want to be able to change your backup needs as your business changes, allowing to increase or reduce the volume needed, security, and frequency. Make sure that they support all platforms and operating systems rather than what your business currently uses only. Ask these questions before getting on board.

5. Backup performance
While advancement in technology has allowed modern-day online backup services better performance and function, it is still important to ensure your preferred backup service offers extensive performance. For example, good online backup services offer file scanning, data compression and deduplication while incrementally backing up only changes done on the primary data rather than your whole data package. This way, you use less time for back up and less storage. Check their downtime as well as how fast data is restored. Read online reviews to get a better understanding of what other customers are getting.

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