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As you know, we've worked with you for over fifteen years. During that time, our company has needed to stay on top of the latest technology. AZBS has guided us through that challenge offering excellent advice, while at the same time being conscious of cost restraints. Your technology plan has been "the bible" for us over the years.

We were looking for a new accounting package that was to be the basis of an integrated information system. You guided us through that decision, carefully taking into consideration everyone's needs. We've been very pleased with the success of that project. Your team was very helpful in setting up our telephone system so that our DC and Chicago offices act as one office location. And of course, there are the everyday things too. Your team is always there to help us with our computer hardware and software problems.

It's been a pleasure working with AZBS and I look forward to many more years of the same.

Greg L. Administrative Director & Principal Marketing Communications Company

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How to Backup Computer

Your guide on how to backup your computer

Computers run our world now. Almost everyone has encountered one. You probably have one right now as you’re looking to learn how to backup your computer. Computers are not immortal. They die over time. They wear out. And what happens to your data in such instances? It goes down with your computer. Or take for instance a thief parting away with your computer or hard drive. Will a thief stop and request to transfer your data back? Not a chance. Or say a fire devours your house and everything in it, how do you retrieve your data? Without a backup, there’s a next-to-impossible chance you may get it back.

That’s why a data backup is a necessary condition for every computer owner to safeguard their data from being lost because in this century, data is one of the most valuable assets of every business.

How to Backup your Computer

Which data to back up

So, not every data on your computer needs to be backed up. Some of it may just be junk, some of it can easily be obtained, and some of it just doesn’t need to be backed up. But the ultimate decision lies with you on what data must be backed up. Personal data like photos, original pieces of art, school work, documents cannot be obtained anywhere else. Such need to be backed up. If you work from home, your clients’ data MUST always be backed up. As a business, your system data, application data, operations data, employee data, and almost every business-related data should always be backed up because loss of such data can lead to failure of the business.

Ways on how to backup your computer

When looking to back up your computer, several factors come into play. For instance, the amount of data to be backed up, the type of data, the frequency of backing up your data, the cost, and the convenience. It is important to identify the best method that minimizes cost, maximizes security and convenience. Here are three ways on how to backup your computer.

  • External drive

You can easily use a USB drive, a hard disk, or even a CD if you’re looking to just backup small chunks of data. This is especially the case if you want to back up personal files from your computer such as photos, videos, original works, documents, school work, etc. It’s easier to restore as Windows has the option of backing up to an external drive. Your system settings and app data will also get backed up. Windows automatically backs up your data as long as the USB drive is plugged in. Simply go to Use File History on Windows 8 and 10 to begin the backup process. The caveat to this is you don’t have maximum security for your backup and if a thief breaks into your house, both your computer and your backup will get lost, or say a fire.

  • Cloud storage service

A cloud storage service is technically not a backup but can serve as one. What these do is allow you to save your work and files online on their cloud storage and make it convenient to access them from anywhere. They sync up with your computer and update your folders as you add or delete items. In other words, they’re just a hard disk in the cloud. In case of computer failure, you will only recover what you have saved in the cloud storage. They do not “restore” your data. Such services include DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive, even Gmail. However, they offer limited free space and if you have large amounts of data to backup, it’s cheaper and convenient to use an online data backup service like AZBS IT.

  • Online data backup

If you deal with large amounts of crucial data, it makes sense to migrate your data backup to an online premise. Cloud data backup services offer high-security feature, are autonomous, and give you large backup storage space for a fraction of the price. Furthermore, your data is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This type of backup is especially important for businesses and freelancers as chances of losing your data are next to zero. Their automatic backup process makes it seamless and convenient for businesses and reduce operating costs.

AZBS IT Consulting

If you’re looking for exemplary Data backup and IT services, AZBS IT is your go-to partner. We utilize cutting edge solutions to ensure your information is ALWAYS protected. Our state of the art infrastructure minimizes downtime allowing you to have access to your data always. Experience state of the art data management solutions, expert IT consultants, cybersecurity, 24/7 maintenance and monitoring, back up and disaster recovery at a fraction of your in-house cost.