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We live in the information age where data is one of the most valuable assets in every business. Multiple attacks are launched on a daily basis to scrape off data from unsuspecting individuals and businesses. It’s no wonder that cyber crimes are on the rise and cyber-security has become a priority. Data loss and theft have become equally rampant. How often should you backup your home computer becomes a question of individual circumstances and varies greatly with every individual need. The type of data and its value become essential factors to consider when checking the frequency of data backup.

Backup Home Computer

While manual data backup is cheaper, the time consumed and the technical hardware parts required renders it impractical especially when dealing with huge data loads. Automated cloud data backup should be your go-to form of data backup especially when this service is easily available in the current web dispensation. However, costs and storage space will determine how often should you back up your home computer to optimize your resources. Here are different scenarios that require different frequencies of backing up your home computer.

i.                   Entertainment and browsing
If you’re an entertainment junk and internet browser, your home computer is almost synonymous with your television. There isn’t much data you need to back up unless the movies and music you’ve downloaded are the only copies in the entire world. And even if that’s the case, having an extra hard disk that you can copy them into is a good starting point. Essentially, such data can be backed up manually into the hard disk every time you download it. Some of the devices you can use to back up your data include flash disks, compact disks, hard disks, and memory cards.

ii.                  Schoolwork
The incentive of backing up your school work is higher especially if you do most of your assignments through your home computer. Your thesis, research, and data collection are unrecoverable and should, therefore, be backed up always. However, this doesn’t require regular backing up, unless you’re dealing with frequently changing data points. However, if it’s just single documents and one-time data points, backing up every time you save up a new set of data should be the standard. This way, you’re guaranteed each and every data set on your computer is backed up.

It’s preferable to have your school work data backed up in the cloud to allow you access it from anywhere. It also guarantees more security compared to physical backup which can be destroyed by physical calamities. You don’t want to miss your graduation simply because your research disappeared. Make a data backup at least weekly.

iii.                Freelance business services
As a freelancer, you deal with multiple clients on a regular basis. This also involves different sets of data for each client. And if you’re involved in a business like photography, software development, and basically any business dealing with digital products, you’re under an obligation to always back up such data every time you collect it. Losing such unrecoverable data means loss of business and clients and a bad reputation. And since this involves huge data loads and frequent data changes, it makes sense to have an automatic data backup service to save you from the workload. Also, having your data backed up in the cloud protects you from loss of data and offers you more security and automation. If you do your data backup manually, then try to do it at least daily.

iv.                 Deals with crucial data
Crucial data involves customer personal details, company’s financial information, confidential information, scientific data, and patented data. Such data is guaranteed to change with every minute and requires high standards of backing it up. You will need to employ a good cloud data backup service with automatic data backup with good performance. Ideally, a service that backs up your data every time it changes and only the changed data is perfect for such a scenario to avoid redundant data back up. Try AZBS IT Consulting!

AZBS IT Consulting

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