5 Reasons Why Cloud Backup Storage is Better than Local Storage

In a world run by data, it makes sense to assume the importance of backup storage and the implications of not backing up your data. Think of the losses you stand to incur should your data be obliterated, not forgetting the inconveniences that come with data restoration. While you can use local onsite storage devices to back up your personal files and documents, it makes more sense to have a reputable cloud backup service for important data. As for businesses, they have no option but to do their data backup to offsite backup storage. Why?

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1. Autonomous

A good cloud backup storage service offers autonomous for their backing processes. This saves the business from the meticulous process of sorting out data and transferring it to the backup storage. Furthermore, the autonomous brought by online data backup service is more precise with frequent backup intervals to ensure every data on your database is backed up. Additionally, the data backup process is faster and easier. Equally, data restoration is simplified and automatic allowing the business to continue its operations with minimal interruptions.

2.  Security

A good online backup storage service is invested in the security of their client’s data. And the least you want is to store your data where its security is not guaranteed. Apart from physical theft of your hard disks and storage devices, other attacks by cybercriminals, malware, and virus are a nuisance every business should avoid. Cloud backup services have integrated data security as part of their service. Your data is encrypted to prevent third parties from reading it, the back storage is distributed in multiple locations to minimize data loss, and the hard disks stored in high-end security facilities for maximum protection. Yet all these you get at a fraction of what you’d pay in-house.

3.  Larger storage

You can get gazillions of bytes through a cloud backup storage compared to your local storage. Being specialized in data back storage, online backup services have extensive resources that give them economies of scale for data storage. This means you get more storage space at a fraction of what you’d pay to host it onsite. Furthermore, you’re saved from the physical space that comes with holding storage devices freeing up your space for other business operations.

4.  Cheaper

With economies of scale comes lower costs. Online backup storage services use this advantage to lower their costs which is transferred to their clients. This makes it cheaper to store your data backup in the cloud than in-house. Furthermore, you’re saved from the complications of keeping storage devices, maintaining them, high cost of power, hiring IT specialists to handle the data, and other hidden costs that come with onsite backup storage. However, this is more practical if you’re dealing with high amounts of data compared to personal files and documents. If you’re dealing with simple personal files, it becomes cheaper to store your data locally. However, you’ll be bypassing other benefits such as autonomous backup, security, and storage size.

5.  Data replication and redundancy

To minimize the chances of data loss, online backup storage services do geo-replication whereby data is duplicated in different geographical locations to avoid placing all the eggs in one basket. Others offer data redundancy where your backups are copied in multiple devices to reduce chances of losing it in case of an attack.

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