How robust dashboards help your business

A dashboard is a business intelligence tool that displays metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) for organizations. Dashboards give you an overall view of your business. Here are some uses of dashboards in real-life business situations. Marketing insights An organization's marketing department typically analyzes a significant amount of data from various channels. Whether the purpose

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Boost your marketing and promotion with social media

Marketing and promotion has evolved greatly through the years, especially in the era of social media. Social media is proving to be the present and future of marketing, and with the following tools, your business can harness its full potential. Having great content on your site is the magnet that attracts visitors. However, when there

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Increase your leads by automating SMB marketing

Marketing automation was once a technology reserved for mega-corporations. Fortunately, the IT industry is making business tools cheaper and more accessible all the time. Nowadays, if you’re a small business owner, you’d have to be crazy to pass up all that marketing automation has to offer. If you haven’t already implemented this wonderfully profitable technology,

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The perfect social media match for your SMB

Social media marketing can be tricky simply because there are so many platforms to choose from. Your first instinct might be to choose Facebook because it is the biggest name in the industry and has the widest reach, but just because it’s effective for other businesses doesn’t mean it will also match your business goals.

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Reasons your business needs CRM software

Failure to understand your customers’ needs and wants could result in ill-informed marketing strategies. And when your company can’t satisfy their demands, they’ll likely turn to your competitors instead. To prevent this, deploying a customer relationship management (CRM) system can make a world of difference. Here’s a handful of reasons to make the switch. Grows

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Facebook: 4th favorite choice for teens

Facebook is no longer the most popular social media platform for US teens. According to a recent survey by Pew Research Center, only 51% of US teens aged 13 to 17 years are using Facebook. This is much lower than the shares for US teenage Snapchat users (69%), Instagram users (72%), and YouTube users (85%).

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Google Introduces New Features for February

As both an internet user and a business owner, you need to know how to get the most out of your web browser. If you want to see Google as a business tool rather than a difficult inconvenience, read on. Ad Blocking Android users will be pleased to hear that the newly updated Google Chrome

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Enhance content through social media

When social media is used correctly, marketers can better understand their target audience and thus create better content and deliver it more effectively. This is vital since you'll be able to send customers tailor-made content that helps increase conversion rates and sales revenue. Grow your business with social media with these four steps: Identify what’s

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Your SMB needs these Facebook tools

Facebook is like a Swiss Army knife, practical and featureful. But did you know that Facebook has hundreds of built-in marketing features that 1.8 billion users worldwide are mostly oblivious to? With that in mind, here are four Facebook features you can use to boost your SMB’s social marketing efforts: Audience Insights tool This free

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How to market SMBs with Pinterest

The waitlist for Pinterest’s latest “DIY Promoted Pins” tool is proof of how eager small- and medium-sized businesses are when it comes to social media marketing. Establishing a solid online presence, promoting corporate content, and driving website traffic at the same time is every business owner’s dream come true. Here are some pointers to keep

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