How secure are your Apple devices?

Although more generally secure than Windows computers and Android devices, Apple computers and devices have security threats, too. Thinking that Macs and iPhones don’t need protection is just asking for trouble. Follow these tips to bolster the security of all your business gadgets. Keep abreast of current security threats Educate your organization about the most

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Deadline Approaching! Windows Support Ending

REMINDER: THIS DEADLINE IS QUICKLY APPROACHING! This is not déjà vu, this information has come across your screen before. If you’re not sure about the status of your servers and computers, contact us today at 312-474-9400 or email! Support Ending: Windows 7, Server 2008, and Exchange 2010 “All good things must come to an

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Security Sector: Ransomware Encryption – How it happens and Prevention Measures

By Katie LaPorte Ransomware Encryption is not new. We’ve reported on this on many occasions, and it’s happening more and more every day. It is difficult for professionals in our industry to define a more detrimental threat to any business regardless of your industry. Encryption is costly. What are those costs? Ransom fees. There is

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Spam and Spoofs – What’s Happening and What to Do

Spam and spoof emails are very common at this point. Microsoft and 3rd party spam utilities put in their best effort to stay on top of new threats as they arise, but new threats come out every day! We all see them – and some are more obvious than others. Here’s a refresher on best

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I never used to have these issues…

We will occasionally hear this comment from clients who are running older technology – it’s worked reliably for years, but we’re having more and more issues. Why would something that’s worked well for so long stop working? The answer is that the amount of issues experienced with technologies follows an inverted bell curve pattern during

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How to reduce data usage on Android devices

If you don’t have an unlimited data plan for your Android device, unchecked download habits will result in a slower connection, poor battery life, and higher bills. Reducing your data consumption won’t affect your mobile experience if you stick with these important tips. Delete data-draining apps Apps that keep your phone running at its capacity

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New design upgrades to Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 apps like PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and Excel will be getting upgrades over the next few months. Microsoft expects these new features to boost productivity and overall efficiency of business users. Here’s what they have planned. Simplified ribbon The biggest update is with the ribbon, which is a command bar at the top of

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Active 4G LTE vulnerability allows hackers to eavesdrop on conversations, read texts, and track your smartphone location

Source: Active 4G LTE vulnerability allows hackers to eavesdrop on conversations, read texts, and track your smartphone location Zhang Wanqiao, a Chinese researcher from Qihoo 360 has demonstrated an active 4G LTE vulnerability that allows any dedicated attacker to intercept your calls and texts as well as track your location. The hack was demo’d yesterday at

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How to diffuse negative online commentary

Between the smartphones, iPads and desktops we all use, more and more people are spending hours of their day on the Internet. And at one point or another, someone is likely to say something bad about your business online. Whether it is true or not, you need to know how to respond when it happens

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